13 Other Names for Stay at Home Dads

By | November 1, 2018

There needs to be some better names for stay at home dads. Stay at Home Dad, or SAHD, isn’t bad, it is just boring. We need something new to call ourselves. It has to be masculine, but not just a gender switch from a term currently used for Stay at Home Moms.  

I decided to do some research. I scoured the net looking for other names or ideas for names.

What did I find? A lot of people that agree that we need a new name for stay at home dads, but not a lot of suggestions as to what that new name should be. 

The Bad Names for Stay at Home Dads

Stay at home dads have been called a lot of things though out the years. This section is all of the bad or unfortunate names Stay at home dads have been called thought out the ages.

Why are these bad? It’s simple. They all belittle the man holding the title. There is nothing like an insult for a name. 

  • Mr. Mom
    • Probably the worst. It insults both dads, as not being parents, and women, calling child-rearing women’s work.
  • Kept Man
    • While accurate, we are being supported financially by our spouse, after all, this term is usually being used as an insult. So I don’t like it. 
  • One of the kids
    • If I see one more meme calling dads incompetent, or saying mom has one more big kid to take care of.  We are adults and would appreciate that being acknowledged.
  • Manny
    • You would never call a woman a nanny when she is taking care of her kids. Why call a dad a manny?
  • Femminest House Dude
    • Just no.

The Classic Names for Stay at Home Dads

These are the classics. These names aren’t bad, but they are kind of boring. Besides, the entire point of this post is to find alternatives to the names in this group. 

  • At Home Dad
    • A shorter version of stay at home dad. It eliminates the word stay which makes it sound like we are “staying” away. But it is just as boring and needs to be replaced.
  • House-Husband
    • This isn’t bad, But I am not a fan of the gender switch names. They just don’t work for me.
  • Chief Household Officer   – Chief Domestic Officer
    • Not bad, but a little trite.
  • Domestic Engineer 
    • Not as trite as CHO but still a little too jokey for my taste.

The New Names for Stay at Home Dads

Now for my new names. These are the names that took the most research, and I hope you guys like them as much as I do. These are also the names that I think would look the best as a line on a resume.

  • FTF – Full Time Father
    • no explanation I just like the sound of this one. 
  • Barin Créche 
    • Créche means to care for during the day. Barin is Scottish for man. So literally it means a man who cares during the day.
  •  Daddy Au pair
    • A Brittish term for ” someone who helps with childcare” Traditionally it refers to someone outside of the family but hey we are changing gender rules. How tough could it be to get that outside of the family dropped?
  • Loco parentis
    • Latin for “the place of a parent.”  Plus while it is Spanish and not Latin, nothing describes parenting better then loco.

Of course. There is one more thing we could call all of the Stay at home dads out there. We can be called dad. Because as much as we want something more descriptive, It’s ok to just be a dad.

So what do you think? Do you like any of the names I came up with? Maybe you have something better we should be calling ourselves. Hit me up on twitter @kzoodad and let me know what we should be calling stay at home dads.

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