5 Ways Dogs Are Like Kids, and 5 Ways They’re Different

By | November 7, 2018

I know what I said. I said that Every Kid Needs a Dog, Except for Mine. But my wife and girls found a dog they loved and it turns out I am not nearly as good at saying no as I thought I was. 

So we got a dog, and yes before my wife starts commenting I love the mutt. He’s my sidekick and I am glad to have him around.

The month we have had has been awesome, but I noticed something familiar. There were things about having a puppy that I had gone through before. 

Having a puppy is similar to having a toddler. Not an exact match But there are some striking similarities.

The Same – They need constant supervision

Go ahead turn you’re back for a second. Something is chewed up, destroyed, or in some way damaged. My girls were the same way. I don’t know how they do it but I wish I could get things done that fast.

Maybe then I would have some free time to go to the gym. I wouldn’t go because I’m lazy, but it would be nice to have the time to go.

Different- You can pick your dogs size, look, and temperament

Don’t want a big dog? Has to be good with kids? Maybe you want an energetic dog? Maybe you want a pretty dog to show off. When getting a dog you get to pick. You can research the breed, or go meet the dog at a rescue to be sure they are a good fit. Some rescues will even let you return the dog if you arne’t happy with them. 

Doesn’t work this way for kids. You can’t decide you don’t want a noisy one. You can’t pick the athletic one. There is no way to know you won’t be getting an ugly one, and there is defiatly no way to return them if they turn out to be a pain in the ass. 

Trust me. I checked. 

The Same – Puppies put everything in their mouth

If you leave anything on the floor the dog is going to try and eat it. Food, lint, coins, the cat, anything is fair game and will be in their mouth.

Like humans, dogs need to explore their world. They don’t have hands so they have to use their mouths. As for why kids do it, I have no idea. But If you leave anything on the floor your kid is going to try and eat it. Food, lint, coins, the cat, anything is fair game and will be in their mouth.

Different – Dogs like naps

My dog loves to take a nap. He will sit with me while I work or watch tv and just fall asleep. He is so peaceful and happy.  I can get a little bit of quiet and get a few things done. 

Kids don’t sleep. At least they don’t sleep when you want them to and never without a fight. One of the saddest things I ever saw was when my kids stopped taking naps, and I have seen the beginning of Up.

The Same – You can bribe both with a treat

If you want to get a dog to do something, give them a treat. Dogs will sit, shake, talk, roll over or any other trick you want them to do. All they want is a little bit of something they like.

Kids are the same way. You can bribe them with candy, or a toy. If you need your kid to clean his room offer him a treat. Need her to be good in the car? Offer you daughter a treat.

Now if I could just teach my kids to sit.

Different – You don’t have to beg dogs to eat

Dogs eat everything. They could have had a meal five minutes before but they will still literally jump through hoops for a snack. 

I have told you before about how difficult it can be to get my daughter to eat.  I am not saying she needs to copy my dog and eat everything in site, but some of her dinner without an argument?

Maybe if I put it on the floor….

The Same – You can put them both on a leash

Look I don’t understand this one either but look at the picture below. What more can I say?

Different – You can put a dog in a cage.

Like many puppies, my dog has a crate. He feels safe there and I don’t have to worry about him tearing up something or pooping somewhere. It lets me go places or sleep without worrying about him.

You can’t do this with kids. I know you might be tempted. I mean, I know I was. But, unless you want to be on the news and have a long talk with CPS I wouldn’t do it.

The same – People want to touch them.

This one is just creepy but it is true. Get a new puppy and everyone wants to pet them. Have a new kid and everyone is going to want to poke them in the belly or grab their hand.

Why do people want to touch either? The baby is still developing an immune system so please don’t give it whatever germs you are carrying. The dog, well he rolls in anything smelly and uses his touge for toilet paper.

So when he rubs up against your leg I don’t think he is cuddling. He is just trying to wipe some of the gunk off.

Different – You won’t get as much advice 

For some reason whenever you have a kid everyone who has ever met a kid even once in their lives will tell you what you are doing wrong and give you advice on how to be a better parent.

There is just too much bad parenting advice out there. 

With a new puppy? People don’t care. A bad kid is the parent’s fault a bad dog is just a bad dog. If the dog barks he is just a puppy. If your kid screams it is because your kids a pain in the ass.

Is it true that dogs are like kids?

Kids and dogs do have a lot of similarities. They both can cause similar stresses and give you some similar problems. Be we can’t forget dogs aren’t kids. 

I love my dog but he ins’t my kid. I’m not sending him or worried about what he will do with his future.

Don’t treat your dog like your kid or treat your kid like your dog. If you do you might paying for some heavy counseling later. For the kid, not the dog. If you send your dog to counseling you have a whole different set of problems. 

Finally, don’t call my dog a fur baby. He’s a dog. When you say fur baby you not only sound like an idiot, but you make me want to punch you in the throat.

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