7 Other Uses for Kids’ Artwork

By | February 7, 2019

I love my kids, and I love their art. But I can’t just keep it all. I need some other uses for kids’ artwork.

Look let’s be honest. Kids make a lot of what they call art and it isn’t very good. I mean just looks like somebody spilled some paint on a page and called it a cat. I don’t know what to do with this stuff.

But they enjoy making it and they love bringing it home to show it to me. I always compliment them and tell them how great it is. But then the real problem arises. What to do with this eyesore after they are done with it. Keeping it isn’t an option because for one thing it’s ugly, but also there is so much of it and my house just isn’t that big.

Throwing it away isn’t really an option because then I feel like a horrible parent, and if I wanted that feeling I would just look at a few of the many many many mistakes I have made over the years.

So I set out to find some other uses for kids’ artwork. Things like…..

7, Giving it away as a gift

I almost titled this one Make it Someone Else’s Problem. Basically what you are doing is asking someone else to throw it away and feel guilty for you.

I have been doing this for years. One of the girls will draw a picture of a person they say is happy but to me, it looks like that poor guy was in a horrible accident but I digress. They show it to me happily. I smile and tell them “You know who would love that? Grandma.” They get excited to give it to her and I have one less piece of paper in my house.

Just be careful. If, like my sister, the person you gave the gift to is, particularly evil they will find a way to give it back. She will use the drawings to make a collage or use in some other crafty project.

Either way ends up with all of the paper and more back at my house, that I still can’t throw it away. It isn’t the worst gift your kid could get. But it still isn’t something you want to see unwrapped.

6, To protect the floor of my car

Anyone who has ridden in my car lately will tell you one thing. It’s a mess. There are papers all over the floor of my car. In fact, often there is so much there you can’t even see the floor.

My wife thinks it is just because I’m lazy, and she’s right. But there is another reason. All of those papers protect my car from everything the girls spill on the floor of my car. When they spill a drink, nugget sauce, or track something in from outside my car mats are safe.

5, As packing material

One of the side-effects of having kids is the build-up of stuff you buy for them. It dosn’t take long for the stuff to overrun your basement, closets, and guest rooms.

You don’t have a choice you have to get rid of the stuff. Thankfully there is eBay, craigslist, or Facebook to sell this junk on without having to spend a day having a garage sale to make $5.

The down side to these sales is the cost of shipping material. But here is where your kid’s artwork comes in. You can crumple it up to fill space in a box. Wrap it around something breakable, or use the back to write a packing slip.

Once again your kid’s love of art is going to save you some money. Maybe if you are feeling generous you can buy them some art supplies with the money you make.

Or you can go buy some beer. It’s up to you.

4, Sell it as abstract art to dumb rich people

I am not sure how many of you people know this, but there are a lot of stupid people out there. Even better there are a lot of stupid people with a lot of money. Which is why I tell my wife I must be smart because I sure as hell don’ have a lot of money.

All you have to do is invest in a few nice frames and get some gallery to hang up the pictures. Then convince those with the extra money to burn that they are getting in on the ground floor of the next great art talent who is currently going through his toddler phase.

Pretty soon you will be turning pictures of green dogs into green pictures of dead presidents. The bonus is this can help pay for college because if your kid’s work looks anything like my girls work they are not going to get in on an art schollorship.

3, Use for a fun family activity

Yup, you can burn it. Every summer my kids hound me to start a fire so they can roast marshmallows and make smores. Or more accurately start a fire so they can eat the chocolate bars as I clean marshmallow off of everything within 200 ft. of the fire pit.

Now like many houses we have stopped getting the daily newspaper. We get our news like many people, from Facebook, Twitter, and late night comedy shows. – This is a joke please don’t do this.

But that means I have nothing to start the fire with. Especially since I have run out of all the textbooks I had to buy in college that I was unable to sell at the end of the year.

Take a match and throw in a few pages and like magic big marshmallow cooking flames appear. The kids get their smores and I get more room in my house. It’s win-win.

My neighbors don’t even care about the fire as long as they can get a marshmallow and more importantly burn kids stuff too.

2, Give it to a therapist to take the place of an inkblot test

Thought out this post I have been talking about how I have no idea what my kids are trying to draw half the time. –

I just realized the entire joke was in the title of this one so I am just going to move on to a different oddball use for kid’s art.

1, Wrapping paper

My personal favorite because this one is the classic two birds with one stone approach. Actually, in this case, it is more birds then two but I don’t know how you could hit two let alone more than two. Maybe some sort of ricochet? But I am getting sidetracked.

When you use the kid’s artwork as wrapping paper you not only get it out of your house, you not only get to save money on wrapping paper, but you also get credit for being creative and making that gift just that much more special.

You know every grandma out there is going to love it. They will slowly unwrap the gift, careful not to tear the custom paper. Then put it aside because they will feel guilty throwing it away after the kids worked so hard on it.

But the best part of all of this is this is the only one on the list that the kids can know about without there being a tantrum, but the one they will actively try and talk you into doing.

That’s right, your kids will be asking you to get rid of their artwork, and that’s a win if I ever heard one.

Do you have any other ideas of ways to get rid of your kid’s artwork? Let me know on Twitter @Koodad. Or if you want to find some other non-traditional ways to deal with your kids check out 5 Parenting Products That Don’t Exist But Probably Should

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