7 Benefits of Only Having Girls

By | October 25, 2018

Only having daughters is awesome. Trust me there are some serious benefits of only having girls when you have kids. As many of you who have been reading my blog for a while now know, I had two girls. Add in my wife and I am completely outnumbered.

There may be naked Barbies everywhere. Half my house has been painted pink. I have spent way more time combing hair ( not mine obviously) and polishing nails (sometimes mine) then I like to admit. But, believe me, there are some serious benefits of only having girls.

Only having daughters

This isn’t quite how we planned it. Like many other soon to be parents we had planned our family way before actually having the kids. We knew how many kids we wanted and we knew the genders we wanted.

My wife and I had decided to wait to find out the gender of our older daughter until she was born. We wanted to enjoy the suspense. We also unknowingly were able to enjoy returning every gender-neutral thing we had purchased so my wife could get the cute girl one.

Having a girl first was great. All we were really hoping for was a healthy baby. A healthy, potty trained, quiet baby that slept through the night. But as the doctor repeatedly told me that the second part was pretty unlikely.

Having only daughters is great. Trust me, there are some real benefits of only having girls. - kzoodad
I can hardly remember them this small

When it came time for our second child we decided to find out. I admit I was hoping for a boy. Someone one to carry on my name, play a game of catch with, and someone to blame when the toilet seat is left up.

Turns out it was another girl. If I am being completely honest I was a little disappointed. But in hindsight that was a stupid response because only having girls is awesome.  Being the only guy isn’t that bad and there are a ton of advantages beyond not having to clean the bathroom due to an aiming problem.

The 7 Benefits of Only Having Girls

7 – They can share stuff

One of the first benefits of only having girls is everything I buy for my kids can be shared. Clothing, toys, shoes, all of it can be passed down and reused. Most of all I don’t have to try and convince my hypothetical son that it isn’t his sister’s shirt and Princess Anna is really a Spider-man villain. 

It’s awesome how many things the girls could share. Now, if only we could get them to share without a fight. Life would be both cheaper AND quieter.

An added bonus is my stuff, unlike my wife’s, is off-limits. The girls have no interest in my razor, my clothes, or deodorant.  My wife’s make up? It’s like a fat guy seeing his first Twinkie. My girls don’t know what it is but they can’t wait to get their hands on it.

6 – Both girls want to do the same things.

I know this one isn’t true for every pair of sisters, but so far both my girls share similar interests. They both like soccer, swimming, and gymnastics. They both like similar movies are interested in the same summer camps and the same after-school programs. 

Fortunately for me, my girls are close enough in age that often they can do these activities together. When you have boys and girls, even if they like the same activity, they are almost always separated.

That means two different events at two different times. If you want to see true jealously tell a parent with a bunch of kids and 5 or more events to attend how you only have to go to one swim meet this weekend because both your girls will be in it at the same time.

Not spending your entire weekend on a hard bench watching kids sports? That’s a benefit of only having girls if I ever heard one.

5 –  They don’t eat as much

Have you ever seen a teenage boy eat? I have. It is amazing the amount of food my 13-year-old nephew can put away. It’s awe-inspiring. Mountains and mountains of food disappear into this skinny little kid. 

 But girls? Half a sandwich later they are full. Maybe a snack later on but nothing compared to their male counterparts. They pick at their meal, eat a bit and move on. Even when absolutely famished they don’t eat near as much as a boy.

You might be curious why I care about this. Why does it matter what someone else eats? It’s simple. I pay for the groceries. I feel bad for my dad because I am sure when I was his age I probably ate like that too.

If I am being honest I kind of miss that odd superpower that let me eat tons of food. Back then I could eat and eat and eat and nothing would happen. Now, just the thought food can cause me to gain a couple of pounds.

4 – The bathroom is my wife’s problem

Whenever we go out it is unavoidable. At some point, the girls are going to have to go to the bathroom.  It’s annoying but necessary part of going anywhere with kids in tow. But since both of my children are girls Public bathrooms are my wife’s job.

As I have talked about before, I hate taking the girls into the men’s room. When I am out with the girls alone, I have no choice but to take them. We go as quickly as possible while I do everything in my power to keep them from touching anything. It’s stressful, and can’t possibly be over soon enough. 

But when I am out with my wife, it’s her job. She takes the girls to the bathroom. I get to enjoy my dinner, check my email, or play a game on my phone. Meanwhile, she is desperately trying to get the girls to go to the bathroom and get out of there before people she is classified as a missing person she has been gone so long. 

3 – No one bothers me in the shower

I know this might seem like a small one. But if you ask my wife this one is huge. When I take a shower I do it alone. I get to relax enjoy the water and enjoy the only sound I hear is the water or my own rendition of the Hamilton songs I sing as I am cleaning up. 

My wife isn’t so lucky. Whenever my wife wants to take a shower at least one of the girls asking to join her. Instead of relaxing or singing like me, she spends her shower trying to keep whichever kid joined her from hurting themselves in the shower. Don’t ask me how but yes it is possible.

While my showers end with me refreshed and ready to start the day, hers end with her already stressed out before she could even get to breakfast. I don’t really rub it in because with the look on her face and the way that vein is pulsating in her forehead, I am scared to find out what she could do to me with only a K-cup and a piece of toast. 

2 – Daddy’s Girls

I admit this one is special to me. My girls love me and aren’t afraid to show it. They hug me and kiss me. They want to hold my hand as we walk places. I know boys do this too, but they grow out of it sooner.

It isn’t long before society enforces the “rules of masculinity” and make it not “cool” for a boy to hug his dad. Boys as young as 6 or 7 think it is gross or embarrassing to even hug their dad. Which is amazing because if you have ever seen a 7-year-old boy you know they are disgusting monsters that are somehow always dirty or sticky.

I know at some point, probably in their teens, my girls are going to feel the same way about me. I will be embarrassing to them, and not ever for the things I am doing on purpose. Hopefully, they grow out of that stage fast because nothing is better than a hug from your kid. 

Even when they are mysteriously sticky.

1- The TALK

This is the big one. The biggest one of the benefits of only having girls. My wife has to do The TALK.  You know the talk I am referring to. The uncomfortable one that parents dread saying almost as much as their kids dread hearing.

The TALK is my wife’s job. Now before anyone accuses me of being sexist here wait. Back before we knew the genders of our future kids my wife and I made a deal. The talk would be handled by the parent of the same gender.

It’s not my fault we only had girls, well technically it is but that is a whole nother talk. In this case, my wife gets to handle the tough and uncomfortable questions.

Which is probably a good thing. My wife is an adult and very mature. She can handle a delicate subject like this with grace and professionalism. I’m somewhat less mature and based on some past actions, can barely be counted as an adult.  It just wouldn’t go well. It would be uncomfortable and probably include a lot of giggling as I try to say the proper anatomical terms without laughing. 

Luckily, I don’t have to worry about it. Having just girls means this is her problem. 

The benefits of only having girls won’t last forever

I know all of the benefits of having only girls won’t last forever. The girls will get older, their interests will diverge and eventually, my wife won’t have to accompany them to the bathroom anymore.

They will pull away from us, have less in common with each other and not be as close as they are right now. Even worse, they will then hit their teens and start dating.

Something that will only be slightly less stressful, then having to pay for two weddings. If their tastes are anything like their mothers, this is going to be very expensive.

So girls if you are reading this, please elope. Just don’t tell you mom it was my idea. 

Finally, before you ask we are done with kids. We are not trying for a boy.  I don’t think I could handle a third kid. Besides, it might not have been what I originally planned but I have to say, having only girls is pretty sweet. Besides There is Nothing Girls Can’t do.

Did I miss any of the benefits of only having girls? Are there some benefits to only having boys? Let me know!  Leave a message below or write up a guest post to be featured here on Kzoodad.com!

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    I too have two daughters. I have never missed having boys.
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    I bet my hubby would agree, we have two girls as well! (PS – my family lives in Dearborn, and no I’m not stalking you I swear!)

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