5 Reasons Why I Drink Beer In Front of My Kids.

By | February 5, 2019

I drink beer in front of my kids. It’s true. I don’t even bother to hide it.

I drink beer. I know with me having multiple kids under ten this isn’t really that shocking a statement. There are very few parents that don’t drink something once their kids are in bed. But, the one thing I do that I am sure to get some emails about is I drink in front of my kids.

Let me tell you a story.

I will never forget my younger daughter strolling out to look at the pool at a hotel we were staying at. Then excitedly she yelled Daddy Beer! At first, I didn’t know what she was referring to. Then following her finger I saw what she was pointing at. There behind the bar next to the hotel pool was the logo of one of my favorite beers.

it’s pointless to deny I drink in front of my kids. They know some brands, Have asked me about why some beers are different colors and although they haven’t tried their beer yet my girls already have a favorite brewery.

5, The reason every parent drinks. Because they have kids.

Ok, the other reasons will be better but I had to include this one in here somewhere. So I figured why not at number five.

Having kids can be, let’s say, difficult. Or if you want a slightly more accurate description, having kids can be one of the most aggravating, frustrating, and exhausting experiences that a person has ever taken upon themselves to do, often more then once.

After a long day, or long morning in some cases, of the non-stop assault on your sanity a nice cold beer can be the only thing standing between me and a padded room.

Coffee might be what gets me up in the morning. But it is my beer that gives me the strength to fight another day.

4, I want to get rid of the mysticism of booze

For my girls I don’t want beer to be a right of passage. It shouldn’t be some forbidden drink. to just another drink there wouldn’t be the need to indulge. Maybe I can spare my girls a few or the hundreds of the hangovers I had to endure.

Think back to when you learned about drinking. If you are like most people it was in high school. Or college if you’re reading this with your kids or your parents. You and your friends excited to finally be able to go to the bar and celebrate with no limits.

Well, you had limits. But you probably only realized what they were until the next morning when you woke up on the cold tile of the bathroom floor. Then laying there thankful for how cold tile is you thought ” maybe I overdid it a bit last night.”

Yes, this is an immature kid learning the hard way. But why do they need to learn the hard way?

We don’t give kids the keys to the car without a little training and supervision first. Yet when it comes to beer we just hand the kids the bottle and say good luck.

Just maybe if we stopped treating booze as something special that is only for grownups kids won’t be so enthused to overdo it.

3, The breweries by us are family freindly and have good food

I only found out recently that this wasn’t how it is everywhere, but here in Michigan, many of the breweries have some damn good food. This means when my wife and I take the kids out to dinner more often then not we end up at one of the local breweries.

Don’t think we alone in doing this either. Seeing families at the breweries is so common they prepare for it. It isn’t much of secret that if you want good food and a good beer to swing by any of a number of local taprooms for a plesant dinner.

At one of my favorite local breweries, One Well Brewing, they have pinball machines and plenty of kid-friendly board games to keep the kids and some of the less mature adult busy while mom and dad enjoy their dinner and beer.

Another local brewer you might have heard of, Bells Brewery, has a large outdoor area where you are sure to find kids playing thought out the warm summer months.

2, Hopefully, they don’t drink the crap I used to.

I wish I could tell you the amount of money I wasted on crappy beer through out my life. Like many broke college students when I first started drinking beer I went for quantity over quality.

Now that I am drinking better beer I am getting drunk less and enjoying it more. This is something I want for my girls too. Much like the mistakes I made in number four on this list I want my girls to bypass my drinking mistakes.

Hopefully by seeing me take the time to enjoy a beer, discussing what makes it good and what might disappoint will let them see that beer is more than just a way have some fun before you wake up clenching a bucket on your friend’s couch.

They will appreciate it and through that appreciating drink a little more responsibly then I did when I first went to college.

Speaking of drinking responsibly….

1, I want them to learn to drink responsibly by watching me drink responsibly.

This one kind of summarizes the entire list so it’s only fitting it comes in at number one. I want my girls to learn to drink responsibly by watching me drink responsibly.

I want them to see me cutting my self off after a single beer because I know I have to drive later. They need to see me enjoying a beer with food and not only drinking to get drunk.

I want them to see the time and care I spend ordering the beer. Followed by the appreciation I have for that brewer’s hard work. I want my girls to learn that the joy of beer is drinking it, not the buzz you get after you had a few too many.

It’s up to me as their parent to teach them this. Because if I don’t they are going to learn it from someone. I would prefer those people to be my wife and me instead of some Frat guy with bad intentions.

Just like I said above.

We don’t give kids the keys to the car without riding with them and teaching them how to drive first. We need to teach our kids to drink responsibly before we hand them their first beer.

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One thought on “5 Reasons Why I Drink Beer In Front of My Kids.

  1. Life With Teens and Other Wild Things

    IMHO, you’re off to a good start. I’ve always enjoyed beer, wine, and an occasional shot of Jack in moderation, and my teens have no problem with it.
    Best way to deal with the other bit- the relationships and parties- is to instill strong values young and a good sense of self. You might want to check out TheMamaBearEffect.org. The founder gives some excellent, common-sense tips for teaching your kids about body safety that don’t rely upon the old stranger-danger scare tactics, and are much more centered around an approach that teaches kids self-confidence and ownership of their own bodies, as well as how to set boundaries as they get older. You’re already laying the foundations for how your girls will interact with boys in the future. You can’t be positive every parent of boys will teach their sons about “enthusiastic consent”, but you can teach your girls how to say a firm “no,” and how to protect themselves with confidence.
    You’re thinking about these topics, and that, in and of itself, is half the battle. You’ve got this, Papa! 🙂

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