Are You A Fat Dad Too?

By | February 17, 2014

Being home has been rough on my waistline. After many complaints to my wife that my clothing has shrunk in the washer, I have come to the only conclusion I could. I weighed myself and the scale told the truth. I am gaining weight. Now I have never been a small guy and, I knew I was a little less active with more of my time is spent sitting on the floor playing with the kids or in a chair reading to them. This was instead of on my feet in the sales position I used to hold. I was shocked at how much I had gained. In the last 2 years, I had gained over 30 pounds.

How Did I become a Fat Dad?

I started looking for the cause. I looked in the fridge and the pantry, thought about having a snack, (I didn’t) The food was healthy. We had fresh produce and meats. Almost no frozen or canned items. I cook most of the meals, and try to keep the proteins lean (I miss bacon), and packaged items low in sodium (again I miss bacon).
My activity did drop some. I was not getting the long bike rides I used to enjoy pre-kids. But I was still playing golf (badly) and going for walks with my wife and the kids. This might lead to a little weight gain, but I was still up over 30 pounds.
I started tracking when and what I ate. Turns out I don’t eat all that bad. Unfortunately, I also eat pretty often. I snack a lot. Now this isn’t me sitting down with a snack. It is when I cook for the kids. I make a meal or snack for them and I may take a bite or two. Turns out though out the day I was adding almost a thousand calories. just a bite or two at a time.
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So my plan is to stop this. I know this is a problem and plan to stop this bad habit. I also agreed to train to run a 5K by the end of the summer. I am not a runner so this probably will be rough on me. When my wife asked me to do this, I checked my life insurance to see if maybe she had an alternative motive for wanting me to run.
It will be a long difficult process. but with the help of my wife and the kids reminding me hopefully I won’t be a fat dad for long.

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  1. kzoodad Post author

    Yea i did one but walked most if it. Unfortunatly i got lazy a month or so ago and put on 15 pounds for the holidays.

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