My Kids Have A Favorite Parent, & It Isn’t Me.

By | March 5, 2019

Every parent out there likes to think that they are their kid’s favorite. But for me, I harbor no such illusions. My girls have made it abundantly clear. Spoiler warning, in case you haven’t figured it out by now, they have a favorite parent, and it isn’t me.

It’s not that I haven’t tried. I spend time with them, buy them gifts, heck I even learned both of their first AND middle names. Yet I still came in second. I am sure you can deduce who it is since there are only two of us and it isn’t me.

Mom is the favorite parent

That’s right, my wife, the mother of my children, the source of all of the joy in my life and most of the stress has supplanted me as my kids favorite patent. I am not sure what caused our girls to hold my wife in such high esteem, or regard me with such indifference.

Some of you are probably wondering how I know my wife is the favorite. How a few examples? Let’s start At dinner, the kids fight every meal to see who gets to sit net to her.

If we are crossing a street the fight is over who gets to hold her hand. She is their first choice for who to sit next to on the couch, who puts them to bed, and who does their hair.

Ok, due to me being follicly challenged, I guess that last one makes sense.

I don’t want you to think my wife has done anything to encourage this. She is constantly sending the kids back to me. She tells them to go sit with daddy or to hold my hand. At first, I thought this was sweet. Now I know the truth is she wants some peace and quiet.

Picking Favorites.

While we are on the subject of favorites, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Even though most parents spend a lot of time and effort to disguise that they have a favorite kid, every one of does. My wife still claims to not to have favorite and says she loves each kid equally. My mom claims the same thing. Saying me and my sister were equal. But let’s be honest, I had to be to the favorites because I’m both awesome and humble.

When it comes to me and my favorite kid, I’m going, to tell you the truth. The position as my favorite kid is a malleable and everchanging position. A position held by whichever kid is not being a pain in the ass at the current moment.

This means that often my favorite kid is not one of mine. But a kid that only exists on TV, a TV with a mute button.

Sometimes it’s good to not be the favorite.

Truth be told, being in second place isn’t that bad. There is definitely a few advantages to not being the favorite.

When my wife is home, she is the first one the kids call when they need something. Her popularity means she rarely gets a break. The kids are always looking to her for something while I sit by and watch TV.

On occasion I do step in to help, telling them mommy is busy and they will have to deal with me. I just make sure whatever they need isn’t too difficult or messy before I offer to help.

From what I heard this is just a phase. Once they reach their teenage years they will dislike us both evenly. But until then I am going to enjoy not being the favorite parent.

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2 thoughts on “My Kids Have A Favorite Parent, & It Isn’t Me.

  1. Daddy 40% (or more) at Home

    I hear you on this one. Luckily my older girl chose me… major pat on the back. But my younger daughter (4 now) DID NOT. Then again, I didnt (wasnt allowed to) change her diapers, or later clean her bottom when she was toilet trained or give her a bath, so it has its pluses and minuses. My wife and I were changing off being home and I always found that the kids liked the parent that had been home with them all day. But that doesnt seem to work with you. Strange though, its seems like a regular pattern with kids that they choose one parent or the other. Wonder what the psychologists say about this?

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