Focus! A Revibe Connect Review

By | March 28, 2019

I was provided with a free demo of the Revibe Connect to try out but all opinions about the watch are my own.

As many of you know my younger daughter can be a bit of a handful. Her behavioral issues and delays are a battle she fights along with my wife and I every day.

Out of a desire to see her succeed, and if I’m being honest to cut down on the amount of stress in my house, we are always looking for any tool or technique that might make living and learning with these issues easier.

In this case we found out about a tool that can help keep her on task when we aren’t there. At home it isn’t that bad we just stay with her. But at school this isn’t an option and not just becasue I can’t fit in those little chairs.

Her teachers try, but they have other kids that need their attention as well. That is why both my wife and I got excited when we heard about the Revibe Connect. It’s a watch that would buzz to remind her to stay on task.

How it works

They explain it better than I ever could so check out the video from the Revibe YouTube channel.

So I begged

We weren’t the only people excited about this idea. When we shared our interest with my daughters Occupational Therapist she was intrigued. She loved the idea. So now I just needed to get one.

Having absolutely no shame like many bloggers out there, I started sending out emails to Revibe asking them to let us try one out.

I was, of course, my normal charming self, as well as my normal annoying self, as I sent multiple emails their way.

Then a couple of weeks ago, either out of the goodness of their hearts, or just desperate for me to leave them alone, they sent me one of the new Revibe Connects for my daughter to use.

How did it do?

After a few weeks of use, my feelings on the Revibe Connect are mixed. I absolutely love the idea. As an adult who gets distracted very very easily the adaptive reminders to keep you focused sounded great, somthing I will talk about in a second.

But for younger kids, it wasn’t so successful. My daughter will be seven at the end of next month putting her on the younger end of the suggested age range. Yet, She has routinely had trouble remembering how many times to tap the watch, or to even tap it at all. The high failure rate made it hard for her to see progress.

Try two with the Revibe Connect

Now, I will admit I was a little disappointed. I not only had high hopes for this device but really made a pest of my self to get it. I deiced to give it a try on my wrist. For those that know me, they know I get distracted pretty easily. Even right now when I am writing a post about paying attention I have gotten off task more than once.

Me when ever I am working

My experience with the Revibe Connect? Much much better. More than once It caught me on social media or playing with the dog when I was supposed to be writing.

After syncing the Revibe to my phone, it was clear. I need to do a better job of staying on task.

My numbers in the app didn’t improve greatly over the time I used it, but boy did I get a lot more done. Which unfortunately proved my wife correct that I take too many breaks. Now, I won’t hear the end of it until I am long dead.

If I had any complaint with my time using it, it would have to be received a small size meant for my almost seven-year-old. To get it to fit me took a bit of tape and since I have hairy arms, I am now missing a rather large patch of hair on my arm, so order the right size or be prepared to look stupid when you have to explain bald spot.

Should you get one?

In the end, I say yes. Even though it wasn’t a huge success for my daughter, it was for me and I love the idea of this device. For an older kid, or one who isn’t as delayed I can see how this could be a lifesaver in class.

To get one for your self, click my affiliate link above

I especially like being able to sync it to my phone and see how well my daughter was doing. She claimed she was hitting it all the time but her results showed the truth which correlated with what her teacher told us.

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