My Daughter is Nude, Again

By | March 18, 2014

Recently, my two girls were playing in the living room while I was in the kitchen getting them a snack. In walks my youngest completely nude from the waist down. I don’t know why but my younger daughter has decided, that our house is clothing optional. What started as her removing her socks has become her personal crusade against clothing. She has never liked socks, but this never worried me because they are socks. Now she has started removing everything.
Most of the time I catch her mid-act. She will stand up take a few steps, grab her pant by the waist and reposition them around her ankles. When she does this I can grab her quickly and cover her up. So far she has only done this at home. I am afraid this will happen when we are at a store, a play date, or worse the In-Laws house.
Now her penchant for public nudity is worrisome in any situation but is made worse by the fact that she is not potty trained. The best way I can describe this, is imagine her butt like a gun with the safety off. Not a danger by itself, but things could go south real quick.
I have been trying to convince her that it is good to stay dressed. I tried reason – (not effective with someone who can’t talk), I tried different outfits – (if it has a button or zipper she will find a way out of it), I have even considered duct tape – (My wife said no). So far she is still stripping.
Now some people have told me it’s natural. I have to disagree. I live in Michigan. It is COLD here. She needs to stay dressed. If she won’t I am not going to be the one explaining how she got frost bite in what we will call a “sensitive area”.
I just need her to grow out of this soon. With temperatures warming up we will be spending more time out side and that is a conversation with the neighbors I am not looking forward to.
Photo from – Sage Ross – Flickr.comCC

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