5 Secrets to Teaching Kids About Money

No one is teaching kids about money. At 18 we stop payng for them, hand them their bills and paycheck and say good luck. We are setting them up to fail It’s up to us parents to change this by theaching them things like….

My Kids Have A Favorite Parent, & It Isn’t Me.

Every parent out there likes to think that they are their kid’s favorite. But for me, I harbor no such illusions. My girls have made it abundantly clear. Spoiler warning, in case you haven’t figured it out by now, they have a favorite parent, and it isn’t me.

Fast Food Isn’t Bad For Your Kids

No one is saying fast food is healthy. But it isn’t nearly as bad for your kids as some people would lead you to belive. Trust me on this one. With a little bit of effort fast food can be something special for the entire family.