5 Parenting Products That Don’t Exist But Probably Should

By | January 22, 2019

There is no shortage of parenting products out there designed to make life as a parent just a little bit easier. Some are necessary, some are a waste of time and money. Depending on how your kids are behaving, many of them might be located in the liquor aisle.

It got me thinking. What are some of the products that don’t exist, but would make my life a little bit easier? Like any good inventor needing to think, I went to one place in my house where I get some thinking done and locked the bathroom door.

It was touch and go as the first few things I thought about already existed. Did you know they already make But I wasn’t deterred? Did you know that kids proof underwear are already a thing?

This could be discuraging, but I just used that as proof that I have good ideas, Or at least a better memory then I thought I had.

Below are the five best ideas I was able to come up with.

5, Keurig Cocktails

Because sometimes Coffee is isn’t enough.

Every morning, when I go downstairs and turn on my Keuring and I get to enjoy one of the best parts of my morning, my first cup of coffee. Well, the first few sips of my first cup of coffee because since I had kids I have yet to actually finish a cup before it is cold.

I love my Keurig. I can switch out different flavors and can have a nice cup of coffee in less than a minute. But depending on how the kids are acting that day coffee might not be strong enough.

That is why there should be Coffee Shots. Mixed drinks that can be made from a Keurig pod. I just put in the pod and seconds later I have a margarita, a Manhatten, a White Russian a mojito or if the kids are really having a bad day just straight bourbon.

I wouldn’t have to worry about keeping a lot of different bottles of booze or mixers on hand. Plus when the kids are really bad I don’t want to wait for my drink.

4, Single Socks

Because it sucks to split up a perfect pair

Kids lose stuff. It is just a fact of life. Often what they lose is part of a pair. This always leaves you with the same problem. Do you throw away that single sock, or do you keep it for years sure that the other one will turn up.

That is why there are Single Socks. These socks aren’t sold as pairs, they are sold one at a time. That way when one sock is lost you can just go buy a new one to replace it.

Maybe a second line could be gloves, or shoes. Just think of how much money you can save not having to buy an entire new pair everytime your kid loses something.

3, Whine Glasses

Because sometimes you need to drink in public

Bad pun aside this one is a necessity for anyone who has to watch their kids participate in a sport, play an instrument, dance, or take part in any activity you might have to watch.

Whine Glasses are special drinkware designed to hide the fact that you are really drinking wine, liquor or beer at your kid’s event.

It would be things like a travel coffee mug that can secretly store an airplane bottle of whiskey. Maybe a purse with a secret spill proof pouch that can hold an entire bottle of wine, or a realistic looking beer coozie that can both keep your beer cold AND make it look like a harmless soda.

I need this because if I am going to spend my entire day at a soccer field watching my kids play a sport that only slightly resembles real soccer I am defianly going to need a drink.

2, Kid Proof Clothing.

Because doing laundry sucks

I hate doing laundry. There I said it. I know that this isn’t really that min of news, but I wanted to share it anyway.

This is why we need kid proof clothing. No washing out stains, fixing holes or trying to make a matching stain on the other side of the shirt so that can just be the patter.

Sound amazing? well it isn’t as far fetched as it seems.

1, Sanity Space

Because sometimes you just need a break

Let’s face it. Sometimes you need a break from the kids. A quiet stress-free place away from the chaos, the noise, the constant requests for attention, and the cleaning that seems to occupy most of your day.

But when you have kids getting that space is all but impossible.

That is why there is a need for Sanity Space. On one side it is the quiet relaxing spa-like place you need. The other a fully staffed daycare.

Just think about it. You get pampered while someone else changes your kids pampers. Someone to give them a bottle while someone gives you a bottle.

There would be plenty of TV’s around so you can watch your kid and make sure they are safe. But it would also be completely soundproof.

I have to admit I have no idea why this isn’t a thing. At least not a mainstream thing. I know they have a version of this one the Disney cruise ships.

I could see one of these businesses everywhere families congregate. Somebody out there is going to make a bunch of money off ideas like this. To that person, good luck and I am glad to help. Also, to that persons don’t forget about my cut. It was my idea after all.

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