7 Types of Parents I Hate

By | January 29, 2019

I will be honest. While I can deal with most parents. There are some parents I hate. I try not to get wrapped up other parents eccentricities and differences. But the seven listed below just get under my skin.

Unfortunately, being a stay at home dad, I come in to contact with a lot of these types of parents at the kids sporting events, on class field trips, at classroom parties, and in this blogs email account where I regularly get messages telling me how bad a parent I am because they didn’t get a joke from one of my blog posts.

Are you one of the parents I hate? Read below and find out.

7, The Perfect Parent

What better type of parent to start with the one I know everyone hates. Their kids never fight. The kids always eat whatever is for dinner. Bedtime is a snap and always has been.

Commonly found on Facebook and Pinterest the perfect parent spends all their time showing off pictures and talking about how perfect their lives are.

Why I hate them

I hate these parents because they are full of crap. Any person who has ever taken care of a kid for more than 10 minutes knows these people are full of crap.

There is no way any kids are that perfect. Even the best most well-behaved and tolerant kids still have tantrums and bad nights. It is all part of growing up. The perfect parent is just a lier trying to impress everyone else.

By the way, if by some small chance this parent is telling the truth and their kids really are that well behaved and perfect, well then I hate them just that much more.

 6, The First Parent Ever 

One of the more annoying ones on this list this type parent who assumes that no one can understand the stresses and challenges they face as a parent. They are always looking for sympathy for how hard it is for them.

Note, this person is almost never the first person in their friend group to have kids.

Why I hate them

If you have been following my blog for any amount of time you would know I hate it when my kids whine. The last thing I want to deal with is another parent whining about how much tougher it is for them to do the same things I do every day.

I don’t mind if you need to vent, but trust me you almost never have it worse then the other parents around you. None of have gotten enough sleep. No one has been able to go to the bathroom alone, and despite years of trying we too have never been able to actually get the laundry done.

Parenting isn’t a contest to see has it worst. It’s a contest to see which of our kids will need the least amount of therapy when they grow up. A game your parents obviously lost.

5, The Better Parent

The better parent knows what they are doing. They have solved all of the challenges of raising kids and would be happy to tell you everything you are doing wrong if you would just give them a chance.

Why I hate them

Based on the many emails I get from this blog you would think a lot of better parents read my blog. There is never a shortage of helpful advice in my mailbox to help me with whatever I decided to write about.

They always mean well, and surprisingly they all have almost the same advice.

If you would just put in a little more effort, all your parenting problems would be solved and you could be as good a parent as I am.

about 95% of the emails I receive from this blog

It doesn’t matter what part of parenting you are struggling with. Maybe a picky eater, a bad sleeper, maybe your kids fight a lot or refuse to brush their teeth. This parent has the solution

Coincidently these parents hey never have more than one child. This is because when everything that worked on your first kid doesn’t work on number two you realize you have solved exactly nothing and your quit being the better parent.

4, The Social Media Parent

Not to be confused with the prolific use of social media by the perfect parent the social media parent is different.

They don’t try to make their lives perfect. In fact, they are usually very good at capturing both the good and the bad of their lives. Unfortunately, they have decided that we need to hear about every single event and see every single picture.

Simply put, I should not have more pictures of your kids on my computer then I do of my own.

Why I hate them

Look I get it. I also share way more than they probably want me to on my blog and on social media. Plus I know I take way too many pictures of my kids stored on the cloud and on external hard drives

But, just like my parents and the countless boxes of old VHS and Polaroid pictures of my sister and I sitting in their basement, I don’t show them to people because I realized long ago no one wants to see them.

I mean I don’t look through them more than once every few years why would anyone else want to see them.

So keep some of these private. Especially if your kid is ugly. Be honest with yourself, you know if your kid is model material or tends to take better pictures at night with the flash off.

3, The Pet Parent

Have you ever watched someone that treats their pets as if they were their children? Dressing them up, feeding them human food, pampering them? They call them something dumb like furbabies?

Why I hate them

This one is going to get me in trouble. Especially since it isn’t a secret how much I love the dog I swore we wouldn’t get before my wife told me we were getting a dog.

I get it you love your animals. I love my dog. They show you affection, have personality and can be a great companion. But they are not kids. No matter how much you love your animals you would love your kids more. It doesn’t compare.

As much personality as any animal may have it is still an animal. I get so tired of people comparing my kids to your dog. I know both can be loud, messy, and may poop on my floor.

But if you want to see the true difference think of losing your dog, and losing a child. One of the two is sad. The other will break you. As a parent who was forced to consider the possibility of that pain, I cannot put into words the anger and insult I felt when someone compares that horror to when they lost an animal.

Love your pets. Take care of them and appreciate all they offer. But they are not kids.

2, The Activist Parent

Whenever there is a new trend or fad the activist parent is a part of it. They just know this new way is better than however it was done before. Examples include avoiding vaccinations, the rush for organic food, letting your kids pick their names or trying to hide their gender.

Oh by the way if you don’t agree with them and don’t follow the newest trend you are not only a horrible parent, but what you are doing borders on child abuse.

Why I hate them

I am just so tired of people confusing social media posts and random blogs with real science. These parents buy into this nonsense and then through their arrogance endanger their kids and others.

But what is worse they will then vilify you for not buying into this BS. Just ask the experts. There isn’t any grand conspiracy.

1, The Missing Parent

I saved this for number one because this parent is just the worst. They have the opportunity and the means to be with their kid but decides not to.

I am not referring to parents that have to be away from their kids so that they can work to feed their kids. I am not referring to an at-home parent who escapes for a little break once their spouse is home.

Why I hate them

I am referring to the parents who just can’t be pulled away from whatever seemingly important thing to see their kids recital or ball game. The parents who can’t stop playing video games or leave Facebook to be with their kids.

There are thousands of parents who have to give up time with their families just to keep a roof over their heads. The people who do it voluntarily, and consistently, just seems unforgivable.

What type of parent are you?

But now this leaves the question. What type of parent are you? Are you one of the ones that I hate or are you another that I’m kinda ok with?

In all honestly if you made it this far into this blog post you are probably one of my favorite types of parent, the ones that read my blog. But I want to know. Catch me on Twitter and let me know what kind of parent you are. Or if you want to see something else that bothers me check out 7 Parenting Arguments That Never Go Away.

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27 thoughts on “7 Types of Parents I Hate

  1. AJ

    The comments remind me of the other type of parent that consistently leave an impression…the defensive parent. Everyone is allowed to have an observation, agree, and disagree. It doesn’t have to be a personal affront to who one is as a parent, just one person’s perspective. Translation: it’s not all about you. This blog had much I agreed with and some I didn’t, but it was nice to read all of it because it was genuine. I stay away from other parents most of the time because I am just plain exhausted by the living, breathing comment section here playing out in real life between parents as their kids play. I appreciate people who feel comfortable sharing but can balance it with genuine curiosity/interest in someone else’s life/perspective. But this balance rarely happens. I can’t remember the last time any parent telling me all about themselves thought to ask about me and no surprise, I have very friends with kids. Maybe we wouldn’t be so defensive if we simply accepted differences aren’t bad or an affront to who we are.

  2. kzoodad Post author

    I’m glad your kids love to run that will go a long way towards keeping them healthy. To answer some of your points on the vaccine issue. It has been tested hundreds of times, there is zero link to autism. In fact, there has only ever been one study that said there was a link and it has since been retracted after the doctor admitting to falsifying the data. Vaccines are safe. We forget how bad some of these diseases are because we do not see them. We do not see them because vaccines are effective. Chicken pox can be deadly in infants, the elderly, and the immunocompromised. Same with many of the diseases we vaccinate against.
    I urge you to get the flu shot. With the overwelling amount of data saying they are safe, I have to believe they are. Many people have died from the flu. don’t let facebook scientists and a few celebrities add your children to the number of victims.
    Thanks for reading and feel free to contact me if you want to chat.

  3. Lesterine77

    First let me preface this by saying yes I got my kids vaccinated. Unfortunately. In my opinion. After much much research, bc my interest was piqued esp after the school forced my son to have an extra polio shot since 2 were considered to close together, and realizing required shots had almost tripled since I was I child I wanted to know why. Polyp is basically unheard of in the US went put my kid through 4 or 5 shots esp since 1 was a week earlier than guidelines said. As to mercury produced in the body, is that being injected directly into the blood? What is the side effects of that? Obviously there’s a link between autism and vaccines or the government wouldn’t she’ll out huge sums of money without overwhelming proof. Luckily my children don’t appear harmed but for the past 6 years they have not, nor will they receive a flu shot. I don’t push this philosophy on others, I mention it here bc it was brought up 1st. Chicken pox I was given that in the Navy at 19. I had chicken pox seemed unnecessary I believe all us parents did at one point. It was an uncomfortable week, we survived. I don’t think chicken pox is lethal, I think it’s been a normal childhood condition for ages. But now they’re 3 mandatory vaccines for chicken pox that doesn’t guarantee a child won’t get it, just won’t get it severe. Why? And I remember my babies getting 4 or 5 shots on 1 visit. Multiple times. Does anyone know how they interact? Are 5 shots of mercury (directly in a person’s bloodstream) safe for anyone much less a tiny helpless baby? I do not blame the pediatrician, he was old, very very old. Found conditions in both kids one needing surger minor surgery, one needing to be corrected in office, that most never would have found. Look up anal stenosis and urethra stenosis. Son had urethra, daughter anal. But he didn’t give me option on shots, he just said they’re getting 4 today or 5 or 3. I think 5 or 6 most they got. When he retired, I took them to my family dr and was shocked when he said they need such and such IS THAT OK WITH YOU? I was like why ask, aren’t you just supposed to tell me and do it??
    That being said, I feel to be honest, I must tell you the whole truth. I go to a church most would consider very odd. It’s end time prophetic church. And I suppose many would consider me a conspiracy theorist. I don’t think our Gov, the fda, or Monsanto cares about us or children. I believe Chem trails are being sprayed on us and not for a good reason. I think GMO foods are detrimental and I believe a main goal of those truly in charge (behind the scenes shadow gov) do intend to implement what’s on the Georgia guides tones. I do not believe in alien abductions and all that nonsense. But if I tell the truth about my beliefs that our fabulous government doesn’t really have our best interests at heart, then I cannot believe them in general. Our the fda esp when they claim shooting mercury in a babies bloodstream over and over is completely safe when ice been taught don’t touch mercury heck do not eat too much fish when pregnant bc of the mercury! Maybe I’m wrong and it’s backwards rating mercury whole pregnant is great for the baby, that’s why they say don’t do it. See its a rabbit hole. I barely scratched the surface. I don’t however tell other parents what to do, but if I personally redo my kids shot records would include much much less. At least 7 or 8. No chicken pox. No polio. But I say that now, idk what I’d day of they were younger and I were facing that pressure. My father is an eye dr (but considers himself am everything dr with his family) and thinks I’m crazy for my concerns. So I cannot say with certainty what I’d do facing that again. Just thought I’d share that especially the last part in interest of full disclosure.
    Oh kind of mom i am. Single. Spends Thursdays at kids school bringing them lunch. Saturdays we run races. Well they run, too expensive for me too register each race. They love it. Both run 10k 15k and half marathons. I do brag a little about that bc my youngest is 8 and will have run 3 half marathons in 5 weeks. Oldest just turned 11. I have wonderful parents. My mother picks them up from school and watches them until I’m off work. Ok that’s an exaggeration. My mother does that but she’s not so wonderful (esp dealing with me) we have a strained relationship and kids see it and think they will use to their advantage to get me and my mom fighting. I live with awful neighbors who threaten and have called police if kids outside playing. My oldest has anger issues right now and they’ll threaten me with cps if they hear yelling. Well if he’s in a rage, breaking things calling me names, hitting his sister, I put his tablet in time out. The other day he screamed for 2.5 hrs. But I will not let neighbors threaten/bully me. I have to discipline him and if they don’t live it, they can call family services. My kids are neither abused nor neglected (if I abused them don’t you think they’d be too scared to act they way they do). I spanked my son, he yelled I punched him in the throat hoping my old, cranky neighbor would call police. She didn’t.
    If anyone has tips on unruly children I’m all ears. Some of the things he says amaze me. It’s just not normal. I’ve even talked to his counselor at scool but he’s so good for everyone else I bet the feeling they think I’m exaggerating.
    Wow I went from my personal concerns to my conspiracy beliefs to bragging to my oldest issues.
    Where does that put me? The crazy mother? The worst list?
    Oh and the animal thing drives me insane. One of the 2 neighbors has bulldogs and she loathes kids. Made my daughter cry bc she shut a door too hard and was going to call police bc it scared her dogs and they peed. I’m like ok. Call them and say a child shut a door. Can you respond? There was a neighbor who cursed out the kids even as young as 4. I confronted him, he proceeded to let loose so many curse words for about 20 minutes until a father stepped in and said stop. My daughter 7 at time asked what the f word meant at my mothers dinner table. Steve though saw my boy friend who happens to be 6 ft 3 240 pounds and black. But is a Christian and sweet but has my back. Steve has since laid off, stopped speaking with other 2 and personally apologized.
    Oh well that’s my parenting story. My kids get yelled at and cursed using sidewalk chalk when my neighbor is drunk! They’re scared to go outside if she’s home. I’m like whatever play have fun, and do not speak to those two.
    As for the park I agree. Only time I play with them is to push. They don’t want me around at the park, unless to play soccer or something when it’s usually 5 on 1 guess who the 1 is?
    Good post. It’s pretty early and we gotta leave in 16 minutes for our weekly race. Uggh next week my son will be camping so I will be running half marathon with daughter. No training, prep and I smoke. There will be race pacers with its and I wonder if they’ll frown on me smoking during the race? πŸ™‚
    I am glad my children like running. They’re fit, they like it and the win awards at end of the year for running the most. Their school pressures them. They ran 43,000 laps as a school last year. That’s kinder through 5th. And my daughter barely lost the medal. This year she will not let that happen! That’s extent of my bragging. Does that pit me in the bragging category. I hope not. I don’t want to be obnoxious, but I know most kids do not want to get up early and run between 6 and 13 miles on Saturdays. So yeah I guess it makes me proud. If I could get nice neighbors and my son’s behavior under control, we’d be in better shape. Not perfect by a long shot but better!

  4. Jaime Buckley

    I was trying to figure which parent I would be…but I’m not sure I fit in the categories you mentioned, Bryan.
    For a moment (and nervously so) I thought maybe I was “The Better Parent”, but I don’t get in anyone’s face or make suggestions. I do roll my eyes with some, but hey–we ALL have our good days, bad days and we’re all working out things as best we can, right?
    Funny thing is, I asked my wife what she thought and I actually got a compliment out of this!
    “I’d say you’re a ‘successful’ parent, sweetie.”
    I swear–that’s what she said.
    …and we have 12 kids: age 3 months to 24 yrs old, married with grandkids.

  5. Michele

    I loved this! I would repost it but I am not as brave as you are. I completely agree and could’ve written it myself.
    Before I had my son (who is almost 16 now) I used to actually BELIEVE I would not be able to live after my dog, Fred, died. O M GEEEEE.
    I’ve been crazy about all of my dogs, my fur kids, but they are NOT HUMANS everyone! Nothing compares to the love you have for a human baby. NOTHING.
    Keep up the good work.
    PS: I was also born in Kalamazoo but haven’t been back since 1974. πŸ˜‰

  6. tack

    You do realise the human body produces far more murcery per day than is in vaccinations? That the same fda that allows that “poison disguised as food” into the market is the same fda that sets the standards for “organic”? I know science is hard with all those big words, but it can keep you from looking like chicken little. For the sky is not in fact falling.

  7. Ruben

    “This self-righteous jerk, much like the better parent, knows better than you and will not hesitate to tell you what you are doing wrong and how you are killing your kid.”
    Way to prove his point, Kavouri…skip rational and polite discourse and go right to angry name-calling…hilarious!!!

  8. marina

    I don’t think there is a “one kind” of parent that’s really any better than the rest. No “one type” of parent should rule the roost and be the “head honcho” for all parents to relate to. We all have different beliefs and opinions on how we should be raising our kids or how we want to raise them. We shouldn’t be so judgemental on other parents cause in the bigger picture all parents pretty much go through the same things on child behavior and what works for them. Every parent has different skills and different ways of doing things, right or wrong.
    But I do have to say the only type of parent I don’t like is the kind that claims to be a stay at home mom but usually has someone else take care of her kids during the day while she just sits on her ass and does whatever she wants. Most of the time these women take credit for raising the kids herself. And along the line tells other parents what they are doing wrong. So pathetic and annoying

  9. Angela

    Thanks for your thoughtful response. I cannot imagine how horrible that must have been to fear losing your daughter. I am happy to hear that she is a survivor! The background makes your comments make more sense.
    I’m extra sensitive to the infertility part having gone through it. I heard from well-intentioned people to “just adopt” or “relax and it will happen” and other commentary that just didn’t really help….plus, my dogs are awesome and I admit my son and I just collected blankets and food for a local rescue so that’s another one of my passions.
    Wishing continued health to your daughter and all of your family.

  10. kzoodad Post author

    I’m sorry to offend that is never my intention. I have had many pets in my life and know what they can bring to your life. As you may have seen in the other posts you read we almost lost our daughter a few years back. More then once I had people equate that experience with losing a pet. I loved my pets and was a wreak when they passed. But it was nothing like the fear of losing my daughter. Even writing down that comparison angers me.
    As for the adoption comment, I wrote that in haste and probably shouldn’t. I am a big proponent of adoption, I have multiple friends and relatives that have been adopted or have adopted. I have seen the success and tend to forget some of the struggles involved. In my advocacy I was rude and for that I am sorry. So Kristy I’m sorry for my comment. Angela, I am sorry I offended you.
    Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the rest of what you read. Please feel free to comment or contact me any time.

  11. Angela

    I just stumbled across some of your other posts and enjoyed them….agree with the one about how others shouldn’t assume because you’re out alone with your kids it’s a “special Daddy day” or a rarity, laughed about the things you swore you’d never do before having kids (could relate to a few of those, we had broiled salmon, cauliflower, and Easy Mac for dinner tonight….guess what got eaten).
    But this one, particularly your response to Kristy, I found very offensive. Please don’t flippantly suggest that she “shower her love on an adopted child” like that is the easiest thing in the world to do. Adoption is wonderful, but is a very challenging, expensive, and sometimes heartbreaking endeavor, and may not be for everyone. Obviously you love your kids very much, try to imagine for a second how it would feel to want that and be unable to have it.
    As for myself, I have a beloved son (after years of infertility I am extremely grateful) and two dogs. My dogs are very much a part of my family, I love them very much, and yes, when they pass on those events will rank among the more traumatic in my life. They have given me unconditional love and they are part of my inner circle. No one is diminishing your kids or kids in general by loving their animals.

  12. Chelle

    Um excuse me? I actually think he makes quite a few humorous points. I’m saying other people need to chill, like the people who tell others they’re doing it wrong.

  13. lesel

    I think you ^^^^^ are the rudest person I’ve EVER seen on his blog. You insult him, and then right after make a comment that people should just CHILL regarding parenting styles….why don’t you take your own advice??
    ** sorry about that, I had your comment confused with ‘Kavouri’…..I apologize

  14. lesel

    I think you ^^^^^ are the rudest person I’ve EVER seen on his blog. You insult him, and then right after make a comment that people should just CHILL regarding parenting styles….why don’t you take your own advice??

  15. Chelle

    Oh and I just realised how that sounded…just finished at my son’s first birthday party–exhausted!
    I mean that it sucks when you try to offload or seek help and you just get that “well when MY son/daughter …blahblahblah… It was sooooo hard and much worse than you have it.” Lol

  16. Chelle

    Yes! The I’ve Got It Harder Than You Parent! Annoying, very annoying! Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could just chill out and actually support other parents than trying to one up each other?! Good luck with feeding xx

  17. Candice

    There is also the parent that treats you as if you are acting like “The First Parent Ever”, no matter what you are dealing with. They tend to one-up all of your struggles. You are venting about how your child won’t eat, and they tell you about how their child fasted for three years. Your child doesn’t sleep well? Their child hasn’t slept for longer than one hour a night since birth. You are telling them about last night in the emergency waiting room, and they have always waited longer under worse conditions for a worse illness or injury.
    Our child has a feeding disorder. It was pretty much the centre of our life for his first year, with an unbelievable number of doctors, specialists, and worry, until he was correctly diagnosed and we got him on the right medication and therapy. It is amazing what proportion of parents, though, from their stories, dealt with worse feeding problems than we did. We received very little support from friends and family during our struggles because most just assumed that we were being “The First Parent Ever.”
    I find Canadian pediatricians are often this type of parent when you first meet them.

  18. Mom with Teenagers

    Hahaha…..I was the one who put my babies on a feeding schedule. Everyone I knew thought I was nuts. But it was something I learned while working as a nanny for years prior to becoming a parent. After seeing how all the parents I worked for (but the one who taught me this), struggled with cranky babies who wanted to sip on the bottle/breast at all hours of the day….the decision was easy. I loved it…..my kids never sipped, they ate/drank their fill…..and they slept through the night at 8 weeks.
    I’m also the one pushing foreign languages their way, and world history and other cultures. But I would never treat them as carnival attractions.

  19. Kavouri

    Feeding your children food sourced from a safe place, nurturing and encouraging then to be bilingual if not trilingual, and not injecting your children with foreign objects (mercury, thimerosol, dead viruses, etc) is smart parenting. You are a moron.

  20. Chelle

    Yes. Absolutely yes! My husband is the Facebook Parent. Me too I suppose but not quite as much!

  21. kzoodad Post author

    Loving your pets isnt my problem. It is equating them to my or any one elses kids that is. If infertility is somthing you suffer from please shower that love on an adopted child instead of a dog.

  22. Kristy

    I’m sorry that you feel that way about pet parents. For some of us, our beloved pets are as close as we will ever get to having children of our own, thanks to infertility. Stop complaining about other parents and be happy that at least you, like them, were fortunate enough to be able to bring life into this world.

  23. kzoodad Post author

    Cant say too much about that one. I have been know to brag anout my kids on a few occasions. So your right, and I need to be careful.

  24. BettyB

    Hmm – I’m more like the parent in one of your previous posts about what I thought I would do before I had kids – and what I do now. Secret confession – I have an elaborate dance that I do with a spoon in my hand which makes my little girl laugh – and I take the opportunity of her mouth being open to put some food in! I can get about seven bites in that way! Well, the type of parent who annoys me is the boaster who treats their child like a circus monkey. So, you will hear them saying “He is only two but he can already write his own name – cmon Billy, show them how you can write your own name” and poor Billy has to leave his toys and come over to us and ‘perform’ – and we have to watch in ‘admiration’ while he spends 10 minutes slowly writing his name. Or “It is a shame your daughter can only say two words – I’ve taught Billy to say ‘hello’ in five different languages – now Billy, what is ‘hello’ in Cantonese”. And woe betide Billy if he gets it wrong in front of an audience. The Pet Parent annoys me too – especially when they think it is cute when their dog is all over my child. Saying “He just loves children” just doesn’t wash. I’ve backed my little girl away from a dog before and the owner has stood there, not realising that I’m not happy, saying “Don’t worry – he wouldn’t hurt a fly” – maybe if I told them that it is my little girl who is the biter they may think again πŸ˜‰

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