Who Else Sucks at Picking Foods for a Picky Eater?

By | July 31, 2018

I admit it. I suck at getting my picky eater to eat. Depending on what I am making for dinner, sitting down to start my meal goes for the nice relaxing end of the day to a fight that makes the neighbors think we are torturing our picky eater, with broccoli. In my house, I have two picky eaters. Of course, to make it just a little more difficult, they can’t agree on what foods they don’t like. Is it too hard to coordinate their crazy? It would make my day so much easier.

Picky eater # 1

The first picky eater is my youngest daughter. She’s fun. Today a food will be her favorite. But tomorrow that same dish will be treated like poision. The food can’t be too hot or cold. It can’t be seasoned because anything more then a little bit of salt she refuses to eat on the grounds it is too spicy.
Right now, there are only two foods she will eat regularly. The first is Kellogg’s Krave. She could empty a box of that cereal in one day if we let her. The second is fortunately fruit. She loves berries, oranges, and bananas. So at least she gets something healthy. The consequence is she is super skinny. Something not that important at 6, but something I am extremely jealous of at 37.
For all of you that are sitting there judging me I have tried literally everything. We have cut out snacks, refused to make her something else, told her she couldn’t leave the table, took away toys and privileges. Nothing has gotten her to eat. The only result was a bunch crying, and she was upset too.

Picky eater #2

The second picky eater I hate to say I have given up on. I am never going to get her to eat normal food. She has been this way her entire life. As you might have guessed, I am talking about my lovely wife. Like our daughter, she is a picky eater.  Since she is my wife, after all,  I know I will never win the fight (or any other fight) to get her to eat new foods.
Try as I might I have not been able to find any sort of pattern to her picky eating. She likes steak, but only if it is overcooked. Chicken is the same way. She will eat it, but if it isn’t cooked to the point of being sawdust she isn’t interested. But lunch meat is out of the question. Brats are fine, but Hotdogs? Not going to happen. She likes most fruits and vegetables except for Avacoados. Who doesn’t like avocados?
The worst is her fear of some mysterious foodborne illness she has never had. This has caused her to thrown away my bricks of cheese after a few days in the fridge. No matter how hard I try, I can’t convince her that cheese doesn’t go bad, it just gets more expensive.

I failed

I wish I had some sort of good advice to share with you. A tip or trick that will help you with your picky eater. But since I can’t get either my daughter or my wife to change their eating habits it is obvious I have failed. In the end, the only one who had their eating habits change was me. I stopped making foods that they didn’t like. It was too much work to make two meals every night.
I am tired of fighting. I give in and let My Kids Eat Fast Food and Yours Should Too.
If you have a solution, PLEASE leave it in the comments.

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