7 Ridiculous​​​ Baby Products on Amazon

By | March 11, 2019

There are some Rediculous​​​ Baby Products on Amazon. Some are useful. Some just don’t work. But some, some are just pointless.

I couldn’t help myself. Instead of sleeping one night I spent some time on Amazon looking for some of the silliest, oddest, most ridiculous products for sale.

Oh and just in case you want to buy one, I have included an affiliate link to each.

7, Baby Cologne

Does your baby stink? The answer is yes because all babies stink. But where most of us have been changing their diapers or giving them a bath. You can now use the preferred solution of late rising college student everywhere.

That’s right baby cologne. Available by its self or as a gift set designed to offend which ever friend with a stinky baby.

What makes this even better is Amazon has it available in subscription form so you are never caught with a smelly baby.

6, A Urine Shield

Have you ever been peed on when changing your little guy’s diaper? Well if you have worry no more because someone invented the Sozo Weeblock. A cover for your kid’s twig and berries to stop him making your changing pad look like the fountains outside of the Bellagio.

This one I will admit might have more of a use then I know of. Having two girls I never had to worry about the loose firehouse as it has been described to me.

For those that don’t want to have to deal with cleaning your baby boy’s junk cover, they also have a disposable. version.

5, Baby Proof Underwear

It’s a right of passage for dads everywhere. At some point, at some time you are going to get hit in the nuts. It is extremely unpleasant and unfortunately practically unavoidable.

That is why you can buy babyproof underwear. At only 27.99 and the cost of your dignity, you can have 24/7 testicular protection. Also let’s pretend you have never heard of a $9.99 sports cup

Consisting of a pair of shorts with a plastic codpiece you never have to worry about damage to your wedding tackle again.

4, Newborn High Heels

As far as you know I have never worn high heels. But from what I understand the whole point of high heels is to make your calves look better while women are walking or standing.

Do you know what newborns don’t do a lot of? Walking and standing. So what is the point of Newborn High Heels? I have no idea.

3, A Baby Beer Bottle

I’m not going to make fun of this one. Becasue the only reason I haven’t ordered one already is my kids are too old for bottles, and my wife told me no.

2, Toilet Training Target for Boys.

With this one, I have to be honest I’m thinking of buying this one. Not for it’s intended use, but I bet this would be a great party game next new years eve. That’s right it’s a toilet target.

As they describe it, “Hacy Light attracts a boy’s attention to the toilet bowl by projecting an illuminated target in it, helping boys to have fewer “accidents”.”

I am not sure how if the giant round bowl isn’t a good target but coloring it red suddenly makes it irresistible. I guess I will leave that bit of science to people smarter than me.

1, The Diaper Alarm

Yes, this is just like the title implies. It is a WIFI enabled alarm that lets you know when your baby is wet and needs a new diaper.

I guess technically this would be considered an aftermarket part since most babies do come with this feature standard. Although when it comes built in it is called crying.

I just have to warn you. If you dos decide to add this to your model baby make sure you don’t get the adult size by mistake.

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