Submission Guide Lines

I am thrilled you want to be part of Kzoodad! below are a few guidelines for all submissions. I can’t wait to see what you send me!

The Post

  1. The post must be your original work that has never been published anywhere including your blog.
  2. The post should be between 800-2000 words.
  3. Grammer and spelling matter, and yes I know that is hypocritical coming from me.
  4. The content must be something that I feel is a fit for my audience.


  1. Please only submit the post using the form below
  2. Please include that this is a guest post in the subject line.
  3. Please include a short bio about yourself, social media contacts and if possible a picture as well.
  4. If you have a photo you want to be used with your post please attach it to the email.

I am currently accepting submissions for Parenting Fails and Patenting Lists. Any other topics will be rejected.

Other things you should know

  1. Please DO NOT submit anything that does not fit into one of the categories listed above. If you do it will be rejected automatically.
  2. Take a look around my site and see the type of content I post. A really serious post is probably not a good fit. But if you have a sense of humor I can’t wait to see what you submit.
  3. You must own rights or have the appropriate license to any picture you use. Please do not attach pictures from Google images. If you have any question about this I would be happy to explain.
  4. If the post is accepted you agree that the post/images you submit are the property of  I reserve the right to reprint it or use it in any way.
  5. Submission is not a guarantee of publication.
  6. At this time I am not paying for submissions.
  7.  I have final say on the post. This includes any content, editing, formatting, or presentation I feel the post may need. If you disagree with any of the changes I make you may request the post be pulled or your name removed from the post.

Ok if after all that you are ready to submit email me at