Are You Taking Too Many Pictures?

By | February 4, 2014

For everything, my children do I probably have a picture of it. My wife and I take pictures of everything. Too many pictures if I am being honest. The camera on my cell phone is bay far it’s most used feature (candy crush is a close second). The other day my phone memory was full and I was once again downloading the pictures to my computer.  While doing this, I was trying to remember the last time I looked at the pictures. Other then when I download the pictures, or I am looking for a photo my wife wants I never look at the pictures. Ever.

How Many is too Many Pictures?

After consulting with a few other dads, and doing much in-depth research (I asked my wife) I have determined that other then Facebook or Twitter no one looks at these pictures. Why? Is it because we don’t care? Is it because we still remember the events too clearly to look at pictures? Is it because we are too busy taking more pictures? In my Mom’s case it may because she doesn’t know how to open them on her computer, but for the rest of us why?
So, if we aren’t looking at the pictures why do we feel the need to record and preserve every second of our children’s lives? Why do we watch so much of our children’s lives through the viewfinder of a camera? Trips to the zoo, birthday parties, play dates, all of it recorded and banished to the depths of a hard drive with old Christmas letters and old iTunes songs I don’t remember buying.
I recently took on the job of organizing these. I am about 80% done and have deleted over 10 gigs of pictures that were the kids had their eyes closed, were duplicates or were out of focus. I felt incredibly guilty doing this.I think or at least I hope that the payoff for all these photos will come years from now. When my wife and I can look back and remember the times when our kids are young. Even then I suspect that we will have too many. Much of the activity will be spent trying to remember where we were or why we were taking the pictures versus just enjoying them.
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Are we Missing Something??

What worries me about this is the same reason I think we take so many pictures. It is the fear of missing something. But is it in the endless pursuit to record that we are missing something. While we try to preserve our memories are the memories we are giving our children just us hiding behind a camera?
To be honest, I am not sure. I have decided though that while I do still plan to take a lot of pictures I am gong to try to set the camera down a little more often and participate a little more. I have a feeling that these memories may last even longer than the picture.
Are you taking too many pictures? Do you ever go back and look at them? Let me know in the comments below.

Picture from Crystal Hollis – Flickr.comCC

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