We Bought a Roomba

By | March 27, 2014

Welcome to my new robotic friend. Last week my wife and I finally broke down and bought a Roomba 780. Her sister, as well as a couple of friends of mine, have been telling us how great they are for a while now, but we had held out not wanting to spend the money. I thought that  I could vacuum, it wasn’t that hard, why buy something expensive? Of course, I also thought NEW TECHNOLOGY I WANT IT.
After a couple days of use, I have to say I am sorry for waiting. This thing is great. The set up was easy and in no time we had it running around the house. It picked up a lot of dirt and a ton of cat hair, enough that I am starting to wonder if maybe we have more than one cat.
It wasn’t perfect, it did miss a few spots, and the edge brush would sometimes push the debris away instead of into the line of suction. It is also a little loud for my taste. It isn’t as loud as our normal vacuum, but it is not quiet enough that I forget it is running.
A bonus is that right now my kids love this thing. I am pretty sure they think it is a new pet. They have even named it Bubblegum. – Back to the pet thing do you think that since we have this I can get rid of the cat? I hate the cat.
Back to the review. With two kids at home with me by the weekend, the house can be gross. Every weekend my wife and I would spend a great deal of time cleaning and if this cuts that time down like it appears it will I will be very happy. So final thought: The Roomba 780 is a good way to keep the house from getting too messy, but it will not replace the vacuum in your house. I do suggest anyone who has floors should purchase one.
You can buy a Roomba for yourself on Amazon Here

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