Work With Me

I know how annoying it is to have to search for contact information. So if you need to contact me for any reason my email is I look forward to hearing from you.

Lets’ Work Together

Brands & PR Reps

What I can do for you.

  • Sponsored Posts
  • Giveaways / Competitions Hosting
  • Videos / Vlogs
  • Social Only Campaigns
  • Guest Posts / Articles / Commentary for other websites
  • Brand Rep / Ambassador
  • PR Campaigns, which comprise of multiple elements from above

The majority of what I write on this blog is about parenting, kids, dad stuff and being a man, and the brands I work with reflect that. But those aren’t the only companies I work with. So please contact me if you think we could work together.

Brands I’ve worked with

  • To save us all some time –  I am not interested in working for exposure. Like you, I have bills to pay and as hard as I try the bank won’t accept exposure to cover my mortgage.
  • Any Commissioned content will be factual, honest, and include my real opinion / experience with the product.
  • All sponsored links will be marked as no-follow (as per Google’s Terms of Service). Trust me you don’t want to make the Google angry
  • All commissioned work will be identified as such. This includes the appropriate disclosure and hashtags.
  • Payment is to be made within 30 days of the work being completed (unless negotiated beforehand). Pay Pal is the preferred payment method.
  • All commissioned posts and associated links will stay live for at least one year.
  • I am happy to receive PR samples. But by receiving them I do not guarantee exposure, review, or promotion of the product on the blog or social media unless negotiated beforehand


Media Requests

Need a sound bite or an interview? 

Maybe you are looking for someone to talk to your group or organization. Contact me!

I would love the chance to joke and share my story of how I went from Corporate sales to Stay at Home Dad.  

Let me tell you group about the challenges dads face, besides dirty diapers, when we leave the workforce.  I will share how I overcame being viewed as “less of a man” or a failure because of the decision to leave the rat race.

Send me an email and let’s see if what I can do for you.


Let me tell you about how I can help your blog. 

Guest Blogging

Are you looking for a guest blogger to contribute to your blog or podcast? Contact me and let’s set something up.

Or if you have some content that would be a great fit here at  check out my Submission Guidelines and let’s get your post published!

Other ways I can help

Are you starting a blog? Maybe you have been blogging for a while and need some advice. Either way, I would love to help.

I am always happy to answer a question or two. But if you need something more I also offer, or will be offering soon;

  • Blog Design and set up.
  • Coaching
  • Blog Audits

Do you still have a question? Did I miss anything? If so please contact me and let’s talk!