Rules for Staying at My House.

Recently my brother-in-law accepted a new job and is moving to the same town I live in. For the next week, until the lease at his new apartment starts, he will be staying with my wife our kids and myself. It is never easy to live in someone else’s house. They have a way of doing things that… Read More »

A Moment to be Proud.

We are all proud of our kids. When they accomplish something we are as proud as if we accomplished it ourselves. From learning something new like running or jumping,  to not pooping in their pants, I am always proud of my girls accomplishments. Today my two-year-old had a small accomplishment, but I couldn’t have been prouder. This morning,… Read More »

Meet a Dad Interview – Featuring ME!

Recently I had a chat with Mike Andrews Jr. Of the National at-home Dad’s Network and answered a few questions of his. The interview is out and I thought I would share it. Thanks Mike for taking the time to write about me! To read the rest of the interview please click Here Or just check out the… Read More »

4 Things My Kids Taught Me About Drinking Beer

Like many people in this world I love beer. I enjoy all types, some more than others, but I am definitely a fan. Having kids has taught me a lot. From new skills,  ( I am great at changing diapers) to things I didn’t know about myself. (As long as we are in the car I don’t sound… Read More »

I'm Really Bad at Hide and Seek

My daughters love to play hide and seek. We can play this game for hours, or for what at least feels like hours. They love it when they find me and they love it when I find them. Each time cracking up in a fit of giggles. I love it because for the most part it keeps them… Read More »