Where's the Poop?

Today My daughter decided to play a new game with me. It was kind of like hide and seek, but much much more depressing. A game I can’t win, a game I have already lost. Like the pop-up book she so loves so much, today we played Where’s The Poop. I was in the kitchen making a snack… Read More »

The Problem with the Potty

I have a problem, and it’s the potty. No matter how often or how recently my 4-year-old daughter has visited the bathroom whenever we are in public, she will have to go. When my wife is with us this isn’t a big deal. I tell her to tell Mommy and my job is done. But being a stay… Read More »

Why Won't My Daughter Sleep?

I need to apologize if there are any typo’s or stray thoughts in this post. I am warning you about this because the last four nights my daughter has launched an assault on my sleep. She is doing her best to be sure I do not have a chance to sleep and recharge. For the last year, my… Read More »

Elmo's Potty Time

My youngest daughter does not like wearing a dirty diaper. Wet or “full” she doesn’t want it on her. She has solves this problem removing the dirty diaper and hiding it,  dumping the contents on the floor creating a smelly trail leading to the worst kind of hidden treasure. This happened exactly one time before I decided we… Read More »

The Family Vacation Vs The Dadcation

It’s that time of the year again. My weekend break from being a Stay at Home Dad. Now I love my Kids and I love my Wife, but man, do I look forward to this every year.  It is a chance for me to get away and not worry about the kids schedules or who has or hasn’t eaten… Read More »