Every Parents Worst Nightmare – Ella's Story Part 2

This is part two of Ella’s story. If you haven’t read part one you can find it here. While Ella was in the MRI to determine the type of tumor she had, my wife and I took some time to prepare for a lengthy hospital stay. In Ella’s room was a chair / bed that one of us… Read More »

Every Parents Worst Nightmare – Ella's Story Part 1

It was the winter of 2011 and my two-year-old daughter, Ella, was having some difficulties. She had hit many of her early milestones but had stopped progressing and was starting to regress. Things that had been easy for her she was no longer doing. She stopped running and would not walk if she was on sloped or uneven ground.… Read More »

My Daughter Wants to Play Golf.

We always want to share the things we love with our kids. We hope they will share our interests and our hobbies. It allows us to talk to them about something other than Elmo or Frozen. Well, I may have gotten exactly what I want. Tonight my daughter will take her first golf lesson. My world will never… Read More »

We Bought a Roomba

Welcome to my new robotic friend. Last week my wife and I finally broke down and bought a Roomba 780. Her sister, as well as a couple of friends of mine, have been telling us how great they are for a while now, but we had held out not wanting to spend the money. I thought that  I… Read More »

My Daughter is Nude, Again

Recently, my two girls were playing in the living room while I was in the kitchen getting them a snack. In walks my youngest completely nude from the waist down. I don’t know why but my younger daughter has decided, that our house is clothing optional. What started as her removing her socks has become her personal crusade… Read More »