Are You A Fat Dad Too?

Being home has been rough on my waistline. After many complaints to my wife that my clothing has shrunk in the washer, I have come to the only conclusion I could. I weighed myself and the scale told the truth. I am gaining weight. Now I have never been a small guy and, I knew I was a… Read More »

My Daughter Hates Her Poop

I have two small children. This means I spend a lot of time cleaning up poop.Now when I can get to it before it leaves the diaper, I can usually handle it. I don’t enjoy this task, and still do everything in my power not to touch the poop, but I will clean it up without anything happening.… Read More »

Are You Taking Too Many Pictures?

For everything, my children do I probably have a picture of it. My wife and I take pictures of everything. Too many pictures if I am being honest. The camera on my cell phone is bay far it’s most used feature (candy crush is a close second). The other day my phone memory was full and I was… Read More »

Welcome to Kzoodad

Welcome to Kzoodad. In my family, along with many other families across the US things are changing. The traditional roles of a stay at home mom and a working dad are switching and many dads are finding themselves the primary caregiver, staying home with the children. In some cases this is forced by a layoff or downsizing. In… Read More »